​​Pete Eastmure 

The Players:  Pete acoustic guitar, vocals, Kyle Charron mandolin, Burke Carroll dobro, Marie McCann background vocals, Denis Keldie accordion, James Paul acoustic bass.



The Willows Music Festival, New Norway, Alberta, 2017.

"It's rare when when an artist can capture the essence of country, roots, folk and pop."

​Walt Gervais, Founder, Juno Awards

The first video single, "Suga' Bush", was all directed  by women stepdaughter Maddie Marchese producer, Eva Marie McCann executive producer, and tech wizard Max flying the drone!!  Look for the release very soon!!!

First single, "Suga' Bush" has been released today!!!

  • 4:12

​Photo Credit: Marie McCann

Waking from a dream with you        

We were walking through the forest

The river running past us
Like it had seen the last of us 

In the dream it was dark

The path right before us                 

We were far away from kind of things       

That make people stay

      Gonna sleep in a suga’ bush          

      Gonna sleep in a suga’ bush
      Gonna sleep in a suga’ bush

I heard the mournful sound

Of a train running through the dark
Clickity-clack of the wheels

As it rolled past the park
Knew they were homeward bound

The engineer keeping time
Passengers all asleep
Their cozy dreams in line

I dreamed I was with you
 But couldn’t see your face
 It was dark

And I didn’t know the place
But it didn’t matter

Cause it was alright
Bears and mountain lions
Swaying pines between, the moon was tight